Personal Health and Wellness Courses

Improving Your Health While in High School

Improving your personal health can help you live a better life. The right amount of water, nutrients, and exercise is important for your body’s ability to clear out toxins and help you stay strong both physically and mentally.

Whether you’re already an athlete, or you just want to take better care of your health, the lessons taught in personal health courses can go a long way to improving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Courses for Personal Health & Wellness

Start your personal health journey with the required Physical and Health Education courses in grades 8-10 and then choose to continue to continue your journey with Active Living, Personal Fitness, Life and Health Management, and Nutrition and Wellness in your grade 11 and 12 years.

Physical and Health Education 8

Pre-requisite: None

Begin to understand how physical activity helps build a connection between the body and mind. This course teaches principles of movement and introduces topics in first aid, the consequences of bullying, and the importance of making healthy choices. Throughout the course, physical activity must be logged and monitored to receive credits.

Physical and Health Education 9

Pre-requisite: Physical Education 8

Similar to the prior year’s Physical and Health Education course, this course builds on the importance of physical activity and it’s impact on overall wellbeing. There are required hours of physical activity that need to be logged to receive credits. The course covers movement techniques, healthy sexual decision making, how to respond to emergencies, and the consequences of bullying.

Physical and Health Education 10

Pre-requisite: Physical Education 9

Learn about physical exertion levels and other exercise-related measurements in Physical and Health Education 10. There are required hours of physical activity that need to be logged along with lessons on healthy sexual decision making, and the consequences of discrimination as well as addiction.

Active Living 11

Pre-requisite: Physical Education 10

Learn how to improve your physical and mental ability with healthy living. To receive credits for this course, required hours of physical activity need to be logged and monitored. This course includes concepts in the role of nutrition and how it can affect one’s health and physical performance.

Personal Fitness 11

Pre-requisite: None

In this course, you will learn about body functions, safety, diet, goals, and strategies for long-term wellbeing.  Explore the world of healthy living and see how real fitness can be achieved through intention, effort, and just the right amount of knowledge in Personal Fitness 11.

Active Living 12

Pre-requisite: Active Living 11

Continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle through learning the role of exercise and nutrition and how it affects both mental health and physical performance. There are required hours of physical activity that needs to be logged for this course.

Life and Health Management 12

Pre-requisite: None

Evaluate your health and what you can do to improve it. In this course, you will learn how to promote better health by decreasing stress and finding a fuller vision of life. Explore the connections between physical, mental, and social health, from positively interacting with others, to choosing quality health care, to making sensible dietary choices.

Nutrition and Wellness 12

Pre-requisite: None

Keep your body healthy and happy. Positive decisions around diet and food preparation are key, and in this course you will find the essential skills needed to pursue a healthy, informed lifestyle while learning more about what makes us healthy.


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Personal health courses in high school help you stay active and provide knowledge to help you live a healthy balanced life.

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