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Learning about game design in high school can help you better understand what a career in game design is all about before choosing a post-secondary program in the field. Even if you aren’t interested in pursuing game design outside of school, game design courses provide a unique way to learn about computers and games as early as grade 8.


iLearn’s Game Design Courses

Game Design 8

Pre-requisite: None

Game Design 8 is a full introduction to games and design programs. This course will help you understand the elements of game design and the how sound and colour are used to create meaning. Prepare to build a program with Scratch that is complete with game mechanics, role playing scenarios, and an interface design for a shooter game you will plan.


Game Design 9

Pre-requisite: Game Design 8

You built your game design skills and Scratch techniques in the first part of this course. Now, you can take your game design document and start developing the game. You will learn how to give your game some movement controls, a start level, a way to keep track of lives, and screen for when the game is over. Once your game is playable it’s time to make it more immersive and realistic by adding sounds and a story. In the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of how games are published, shared, and promoted on Scratch.


Game Design 10/11

Pre-requisite: none

Students can choose to take the senior game design course in either grades 10 or 11.

Explore the history of gaming and learn to bring a story into a game. By following your game design documents that explains your game from ground up, you will cover everything from the gameplay functionality, mechanics, characters, plot, and user interface design. Through building a game in Unity, you will learn to set up a 3D world, add levels of difficulty, create location triggered events, and explore computer programming concepts.  Immerse your player by using music, sounds and colour theory principles. Complete the course by exploring the future of gaming in areas like augmented reality and smartphone-based games.


Courses Related Design & Gaming

Animation 12

Pre-requisite: none

Great games are usually accompanied by great animation. Get started creating characters through hand drawing techniques and progress to computer animation and CGI. Animation 12 will introduce you to the modeling software, Blender, and help you tell a story using animated motion, video, music, and sound effects.

Through exploring Disney’s 12 principles of animation, you will learn how to communicate emotion with body movement and sound as well as distinguish the differences between motion capture versus keyframe animation. By the end of the course, you will have sampled script writing, camera shots/angles, storyboards, and animation techniques like matching mouth shapes to speech. Finish the course with a portfolio and an understanding of how to get started in the animation industry.


3D Modeling 12

Pre-requisite: none

Get started in 3D modeling by studying the history of animation. You will then progress to using historic techniques for modern applications. Although this course is about 3D modeling, you will also learn the distinct functions of software and hardware, the role of memory, and the different types of memory. Create a 3D environment using Blender to produce the effects of lighting and shading as well as textures, and render your designs to bring them to life. You will complete the course knowing what is expected in a professional career of 3D modeling.


Why Take Game Design in High School?

Whether you’re interested in game design or you’re looking for an interesting topic to help learn about computers and programming, game design courses in high school are a great way to get started. Remember to check the computer requirements before starting a design course as some design courses use software that may not run on some devices.

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