How Musicians Use Online Classes to Balance Music and School

Does Your High School Conflict With Your Music Progression?

Learning to play music in high school is a great way to build skills from a young age. Whether you play causally or competitively, blending your interest in music with online courses can be a strategic way to make time for both music lessons and class lessons.


How Musicians Blend Instruments with Online Classes

Student musicians who study online have a unique advantage that allows them to practice throughout the day in small increments. Practicing your favourite instrument between assignments or study periods is an excellent way to improve skills while still acting as a study break.

Students with private music lessons can be available for sessions while other students may be in class. iLearn students in particular can adjust their pace when they need to accommodate out-of-school activities.

High performance musicians will have events or competitions that can interfere with the ability to learn in a classroom. If major events are routine for you, let your teacher know so we can accommodate your schedule.


How Do Musicians Balance Their Course Load?

By planning out your schedule and keeping our team updated on upcoming events, we can create a learning plan that addresses your needs both inside and outside of school. Our personalized education approach provides support options for students of all types (such as Athletes).

If you have the desire to pursue your passion and challenge yourself, you are ready for a school that provides the freedom to do so.


High School Courses for Music

Whether you are already in a Band or Guitar class at your current school, or if iLearn is your only school, we do offer one course for students to study music in Music Appreciation 12. In this course you will gain a perspective on music from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, and learn the essentials of how to listen and hear the music that’s all around you. You will study the development of jazz music and its influence on other genres and how music has influenced nations, communities, and individuals from ancient music to today. There is no pre-requisite for this course so students can enroll at an earlier grade if they wish. Check your eligibility to get started.