Academic Upgrades:

Improve your grade with academic course upgrading.

Course Upgrades Overview

Academic upgrading is an opportunity to improve your high school marks and get accepted into a post-secondary program or another specialty program. Upgrading a course does have a few requirements:

  • Students must have achieved 80% or higher in the courses they wish to upgrade
  • Students must have detailed course information from their prior teacher OR write a challenge exam if course information is not available

Key Points to Know

What is upgrading?

Upgrading is a way to improve your high school marks and get accepted into a post-secondary program or achieve the pre-requisite credits required to enroll in a particular post-secondary program.

How much information from my prior teacher do I need?

Students should have access to the course details provided from the past teacher for the course being upgraded. If the student brings in this information, we can assess the areas to improve and get started immediately. If this information is not provided, we require the student to write a challenge exam.

We need the course breakdown, the assigned for-credit work, and a summary of the grades earned in each major chapter of the course.

How long will a course upgrade take me to complete?

Each course upgrade is a little different. Some students can complete academic upgrading in a few weeks while others take longer. Regardless, the average amount of time to complete an upgrade is one month, and four months are provided.

Can I upgrade a course as an international student?

Yes, internationals students can upgrade their courses, however, a fee of $1000 applies to each course being upgraded.

Can I upgrade a course as an adult student?

Yes, adult students can upgrade a course. Adults who are 19 or older and have already graduated high school are subject to a fee of $1000 for each course being upgraded. Non-graduated adults pay the normal tuition rate ($500 per course upgrade).

How to Apply

The application process is completed in a few steps. We receive the application package, we check prerequisites, and once approved (and payment is confirmed), the student is invited for an orientation.

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Submit your application online.

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Receive confirmation from iLearn staff.

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Meet the teacher and start the course.

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