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Who is welcome to attend iLearn?

iLearn is a school for everyone. Our individualized teaching approach and added flexibility make our school a great place to get ahead, catch up, or try out a new learning style. Regardless of your education needs.

Is iLearn accredited?

Yes, iLearn is an accredited B.C. high school that offers high school credits for courses completed. Students can choose to be at iLearn as a full-time, or part-time student while attending another high school.

Will my credits show up on my transcript?

Yes, high school credits earned at iLearn will be on your transcript.

How is iLearn different from other online schools?

At iLearn your needs come first, as a student you can expect the support you need to reach your goals. iLearn teachers take pride in providing quality education as they help guide you to build your future. At iLearn you can start your courses anytime, set your own pace and manage your success. You are never left without support, iLearn teachers can be reached via email or phone when you need help.



Do you offer summer school courses?

iLearn’s summer school program is an expedited version of the course with many of the same major tests and assignments. Summer courses mainly focus on the key ideas taught in the curriculum.

Does iLearn charge any fees?

iLearn charges based on the type of student and number of classes. A price breakdown is found below:

Per Course

  • $500 for local students
  • $1000 for international students.

Per Year

  • $1000 for up to eight courses for local students (one year starts at the date of payment)

Fee Exempt Program

  • Partner programs may not have a fee. Please inquire with administrative staff to see if your courses are offered as part of a fee exempt program.
Do you accept international students?

Yes we accept international students provided you have your student visa permit.

How are our tests taken online or in person?

iLearn is currently taking tests online due to COVID-19.

Do we offer courses to adults over 19 years of age?

Yes iLearn has an adult dogwood diploma program.

Student Experience

What have the experiences of past students been like?

Every student at iLearn is unique. We often hear how students at iLearn feel safe to share their differences knowing the teachers and admin staff will be supportive and flexible to each student’s needs.

Can I upgrade a course?

Students who achieved over 80% grade in their class can choose to upgrade their course to further improve comprehension and course grade. Ask your teacher for more details regarding course upgrades.

Are all courses offered online, even tests?

All our curriculum is delivered online and students choose between Digital Learning (DL) and Blended Learning (BL). In Digital Learning students work through the curriculum on their own and connect with their teacher when they need help. Blended Learning students meet with their teacher in-class or digitally twice per week to check-in and keep on-track. All tests and quizzes must be monitored by a certified invigilator.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Students complete courses at their own pace. Most students take a few months to complete a course, while some have completed their course in a little as one month. Each course is allotted four months to complete with the possibility of placing the course on hold for a maximum of two months.

What are iAlerts?

iAlerts are emails sent monthly to the parents/guardians of students and are often associated with

  • Missing due dates,
  • Receiving zeros on assignments,
  • Moving too slowly or are not setting enough due dates,
  • Are caught plagiarising, or
  • Have a 25% discrepancy between tests and assignments.
How much 1-on-1 teacher interaction is available outside of class?

Teachers in the Blended Learning program see their students twice a week. Students in the Digital Learning program are welcome to book office hours with their teacher on an as-needed basis. Either way, students can attend additional office hours and choose to attend either online or on-campus as needed.

What courses do you offer? What’s the curriculum?

iLearn offers all the required curriculum to graduate with a B.C. Dogwood Diploma. We also have a large catalogue of elective courses that allow students to explore interests that may not be offered at other schools.

Can I take a course twice?

Yes students can take a course twice, but students who wish to retake a course must wait at least four months before retaking the course.

How many courses can I take?

The average number of courses per year of high school is eight but students can enroll in additional courses. Summer School is where most students get ahead.

Ministry Related

How much funding does The Ministry of Education provide iLearn?

iLearn is Group 1 independent school funded at 50% of the public school district rate. All independent schools are required to:

  • Be operated by a non-profit independent school authority
  • Employ B.C. certified teachers
  • Have educational programs consistent with ministerial orders
  • Provide a program that meets the learning outcomes of the B.C. curriculum
  • Meet various administrative requirements
  • Maintain adequate educational facilities
  • Comply with municipal and regional district codes
What level of experience do instructors have?

All teachers at iLearn are certified by the BC Ministry of Education. Our instructors also often have experience in the subject they teach. This means iLearn teachers can use more real-world examples in the classroom to enhance comprehension and appreciation of the subject matter.

iLearn was wonderful. The staff is great and I can't think of one negative thing to say. My son needed to be pushed a little bit so if the student or parents stay on top of things, it's really good for kids who really want to succeed. If your student is having trouble in school or wants to get ahead, iLearn is way more accommodating and understanding of your needs.

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