Blended Learning:

The Middle Ground Between Freedom And Structure.

What is Blended Learning (BL)?

Blended Learning (BL) is for students who need more support and structure. Blended Learning students are required to attend class, in person, twice a week. Where they have access to B.C. certified teacher. Students can also access their teacher online and in person outside of class hours.


More Details

Students in the blended program complete most coursework online while attending two classes each week to ask questions and work through assignments with instructor assistance.

  • Students attend 2 classes per week and most work is completed online
  • Office hours are available digitally or at iLearn campuses
  • Students complete the course at their own pace
  • Students write tests/quizzes in class.

Key Points to Know

Can I switch to Digital Learning?

Yes, you can switch from Blended Learning to Digital Learning however a $50 fee and some conditions apply.

How do I complete courses like PE and Foods?

Every course is a little different when it comes to satisfying the curriculum. For courses like PE, a student follows a physical activity schedule and has a parent sign off on the completed hours of activity. For a course such as Foods, a student will have to complete cooking assignments from home and send photos and other relevant information as evidence of completing the task.

What happens when I am absent from courses?

If a student misses 3 consecutive blended classes or four weeks of digital correspondence without a valid reason, the student will be put on attendance probation and will have to discuss the matter with the Vice-Principal. All absences are to be notified by a parent/guardian by email or calling the office at 604-590-5504. 24-hours notice is required for any absences related to doctor appointments or other valid reasons.

What happens if I fall behind in coursework?

Students who fall behind will be emailed iAlerts to let the student and the parents know that the coursework is not being completed with enough urgency. 

Should I start in Blended Learning or Digital Learning?

Students who are new to online learning are recommended to start with a Blended Learning (BL) course to help maintain a weekly schedule and to familiarize themselves with the learning environment before enrolling in a Digital Learning (DL) course.

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Both my boys are very happy attending iLearn Secondary School. The teachers attract the kids and push them to understand more. My sons had very little experience with technology before attending iLearn, and now they feel compelled to teach me what they are learning. My boys feel so secure at iLearn that they both wouldn’t go to any other school. The change in concentration and commitment throughout their high school has helped them prepare for what they want to do after graduation.

Ms. Khairati

Current Parent

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