Blended Learning:

Where Freedom Meets Structure.

What is Blended Learning (BL)?


Blended Learning (BL) is for students who need more support and structure. Blended Learning students are required to attend class, in person, twice a week. Where they have access to B.C. certified teacher. Students can also access their teacher online and in person outside of class hours.


More Details

Students in the blended program complete most coursework online while attending two classes each week to ask questions and work through assignments with instructor assistance.

  • Students attend 2 classes per week and most work is completed online
  • Office hours are available digitally or at iLearn campuses
  • Students complete the course at their own pace
  • Students (typically) write tests/quizzes in class.

Key Points to Know

How are our tests taken online or in person?

iLearn is currently taking tests online due to COVID-19.

What happens when I am absent from courses?

If a student misses 3 consecutive blended classes or four weeks of digital correspondence without a valid reason, the student will be put on attendance probation and will have to discuss the matter with the Vice-Principal. All absences are to be notified by a parent/guardian by email or calling the office at 604-590-5504. 24-hours notice is required for any absences related to doctor appointments or other valid reasons.

Should I start in Blended Learning or Digital Learning?

Students who are new to online learning are recommended to start with a Blended Learning (BL) course to help maintain a weekly schedule and to familiarize themselves with the learning environment before enrolling in a Digital Learning (DL) course.

How do I set due dates?

Students will set their own due dates for course-work by completing the relevant section of their course syllabus. Due dates must be set every Monday and then emailed to the teacher. Due dates must be specific, including both a date and assignment title.

Your participation grade includes setting and emailing your due dates. Each time you do not send an email on Monday you will be marked absent. You may be marked late if you forget and send the email later in the week. If a student fails to check in four weeks in a row, they risk being dropped from the course.

How do I submit assignments?

All assignments must be submitted to the correct hand-in box on the course website on the due date set by the student. Assignments should be uploaded as either a single pdf or doc file. There are online tools/apps to help you merge and scan files if necessary. Failure to follow formatting guidelines may result in a mark of zero. There are no assignment redos.

Late assignments will be marked as long as they are submitted before the student reaches the end of the section. Late assignments may receive a mark of zero if they are significantly overdue and the student is not making progress in the course.

How do I write tests?

Invigilated video conferencing test blocks are scheduled routinely for exams. Under normal conditions, students write exams at our campus or an approved partner location. Need a local test centre? Let us know and we can discuss testing options.

Students must email their teacher to sign up for a test block. Please provide 24 hours notice for signing up/cancelling tests. Notify your teacher if you cannot attend your scheduled test, otherwise you will receive a zero.

How much 1-on-1 time is offered for students?

Each teacher follows a slightly different policy. For most students, interactions are limited to:
• 30-minute scheduled 1-on-1 sessions at one per week per student
• Routine office hour blocks for drop-in questions and help
• Ad-hoc meetings as needed and as time permits

How are Summer School courses offered?

Summer School courses are 6-week accelerated format classes offered in July-Aug only. Stu-dents can take 1-2 courses. Summer is a great time to get ahead, catch up, or improve a course mark.

Summer school enrollment ends after the first week of July. We offer most of our courses in a summer (6-wk) format. More info can be found here.

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Both my boys are very happy attending iLearn Secondary School. The teachers attract the kids and push them to understand more. My sons had very little experience with technology before attending iLearn, and now they feel compelled to teach me what they are learning. My boys feel so secure at iLearn that they both wouldn’t go to any other school. The change in concentration and commitment throughout their high school has helped them prepare for what they want to do after graduation.

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