Student Life:

We wrap our curriculum around your goals.

Student Profile

Doing things differently requires bravery.
As a student at iLearn, we respect your individuality as you take control of your academic achievement and goals. We have a variety of students from actors to athletes to students who are getting ahead. Our safe environment allows you to work at your own pace to grow intellectually without fear of bullying or judgement from teachers or peers.

Students at iLearn have freedom over their academic path. They can start their courses whenever they want, choose how to take courses, and decide when to login and complete coursework.

Learning Experience

People are unique and we adapt to their differences.

Modern teaching methods, an online curriculum, and a personalized learning plan allows our teachers to focus on a student-centered teaching style. Students also have a wide variety of exciting elective courses to choose from including courses such as Business Management, Marketing, Health Sciences, Concepts of Engineering and Technology, and Game Design just to name a few. Some of the other highlights of iLearn include:

  • Genuine teacher connections
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to courses
  • Personalized learning plan
  • Student accountability procedures (iAlerts)
iLearn’s program structure allows students to try out far more personal or career opportunities. The structure teaches discipline because all the coursework is all online and it’s on you to set a study schedule. I tried other online schools, but iLearn teachers provided so much help through office hours that the experience is entirely different since I completed most of my work on campus with my teacher. iLearn is great if you are a student who does not have much time, or wants to approach school from a different angle with laptops and 1-on-1 learning. You often do not know what you want before college but at iLearn there are countless opportunities to explore.



What to expect as a student

iLearn students seek options that speak to their individual aspirations. We know that every student has different ways of learning and unique priorities outside of school.

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Personalized Experience

Taking courses at one’s own pace with a supportive 1-on-1 learning environment allows students to co-create an education plan to complete courses any time on a custom schedule.

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Full-Time or Part-Time

Enrolling in courses full-time or part-time, as well as various delivery options makes for a tailored learning experience.

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Progressive Course Options

Registering in online high school courses that meet student’s faith requirements or personal aspirations allows students to experience more both in class or online (DL vs BL).

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Accredited Programs

Enlisting in iLearn accredited programs means parents know that students are meeting their school requirements.

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Freedom To Explore

We understands the need for a unique, flexible teaching approach that values student freedom while maintaining goals.

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Applicable Life Skills

We use decision-making and real-world skills in the curriculum to help students graduate as adults prepared for 21st century work.

How to Get Started

First, we need to know if you are eligible for your courses. Eligible students will be emailed with application steps to complete. Once all steps are completed, each student will be invited to an orientation with their teacher.

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Submit your eligibility information online.

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Follow steps provided in your eligibility email.

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Meet your teacher and start the course.

Check Eligibility

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