Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATED: March 2021

This information may change periodically to clarify and add additional information.

Who we are

We are iLearn Secondary School Society, an Independent DL school for school-age students in grades 8-12 and adult students. iLearn is structured as a non-profit society. Our website address is

What data we collect

We collect information that pertains to students, their education, their parents/guardian information, and any other information provided to us for school related inquiries. This information is used to check education records, perform regular administrative duties, help create a better learning experience, and advise our marketing efforts. We do not sell any information to third parties and will not disclose of private student records unless directed to do so under a court order or other lawful means. 

How we collect data:

Anyone who fills a form, sends an email, or calls us to provide information to our admin team, may have their contact information or student information saved. We may also collect data that relates to students and how they use our site and other digital resources. Cookies and session data are collected using 3rd party tools such as Google and Facebook. You can opt out of cookie collection this with browser add-on.

iLearn uses Google Analytics cookies to track users throughout the website, and Google Advertising cookies to track how users interact with our ads and our services thereafter. This information will be used strictly for advertising purposes only.

Advertising features include:

  • Remarketing with Google Analytics
  • Google Display Network Impression Reporting
  • Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting
  • Integrated services that require Google Analytics to collect data for advertising purposes, including the collection of data via advertising cookies and identifiers.

Who we collect data from:

We collect data from students, and parents/guardians as required by the B.C. Ministry of Education for enrollment purposes. We also collect data from those who visit our website and interact with our ads to create audience profiles.

Why we collect data:

We collect personal information to check enrollment eligibility and perform regular school contact. We also collect data to help improve the experience for current and prospective students and their families. Additionally, we collect data to improve our messaging and processes from enrollment to graduation.

How we use your data:

We use the information you provide to check enrollment eligibility, contact you for routine and periodic school communication, as well as advise our marketing efforts to help target and communicate with current and prospective students. Your data will be stored and analyzed using Google Analytics and other analytics tools.

Consent to use your data:

iLearn Secondary School will obtain consent, either expressed or implied, before using any of your information for any other purposes other than defined in this privacy policy page.

Limiting collection of your information:

iLearn is committed to only collecting the necessary information to perform administrative and marketing duties typical for an Independent DL school. We are required to hold student records as per Ministry of Education requirements long after graduation. Contact info and other form collection is only used for the duration of your program and up to 2 years afterward.

How we update info and how often:

iLearn will update this information within a reasonable amount of time when a material change is made to the use, security, and disclosure of your data.

How we protect your data:

Student records are stored in a secure database with a limited number of users with access. Data and student forms saved in other locations will be deleted or destroyed.

Who to contact for concerns:

Our school’s privacy officer, Tyler Lymburner, can be reached at [email protected]. Please direct any questions or concerns to Mr. Lymburner.