Student Submission: Akachi’s Wedding by Laura (Mars) Kriley

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Laura (Mars) Kriley


Cosmetology 10

Project Overview

This assignment involved preparing a fictitious bride-to-be, Akachi, for her wedding day. Akachi is from Niger-Congo and is living in Canada. She is willing to take some risks with her appearance and enjoys sunny days at the beach, brightly coloured flowers, and ’80’s fashion. Her coworkers describe her outfits as “bold.”

Students were asked to create an appearance for Akachi that blend her own personal style with the traditional style inspired by her late mother.

The assignment included preparing hair, nails, and skincare/make-up for Akachi’s wedding day. This is Mars’ rendition of Akachi’s appearance on her big day.

cosmetology class assignment


Great work, Mars! The artwork brings Akachi’s unique identity to life through choices that express the connectedness of art to personal and cultural context.

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