How Athletes Use Online Classes to Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Do You Juggle High School and Competitive Athletics?

Managing athletics with academics in high school can sometimes feel like a losing battle. When one side is getting focus the other is often being neglected. Online courses in high school can be a great solution for an athlete who is driven to succeed in both athletics and in school.

Athletes can choose our online school for a couple of reasons:

  1. Schedule flexibility

Some training regimens are very intense and you have to manage your time wisely. This means you can train when facilities are available and while others are in school. iLearn students in particular can adjust their pace when they need to accommodate out-of-school activities. This allows students to spend more time on studies in the off-season and less time during the competitive season.

  1. Our policies

We allow our students to take a break from a course when the need arises. If a student is dealing with a major injury or family issue, or even for an extended trip away from home, we provide the opportunity to put a course on hold. This allows the student to pick the course right back up a couple weeks or even months later.


Are these policies only for athletes?

These policies apply to all students at iLearn.

High performance athletes will have events or tournaments that can interfere with the ability to learn in a classroom. If major events are routine for you for any reason, please let your teacher know the dates you will be unavailable.


How Do Athletes Balance Their Course Load?

It is entirely possible to balance athletics with academics.  If you can, plan ahead and advocate for yourself when things need to adjust. By managing both schedules effectively, it will be easier to excel in both.

At iLearn we offer individualized support options so students can enjoy a learning experience that’s personalized for them. Students who have the courage to pursue their passion and challenge themselves deserve a school that can handle unique learning situations.


Soccer and hockey players can take part-time studies during the season, from fall to spring, and load up on summer school courses at the end of the school year.

Figure skaters could make it to early morning skates and shift studying to a later hour. For out-of-town competitions, skaters can place their course on hold or lighten their schedule for competition week.

There are plenty of highly involved activities that students could be involved in. Whether it’s swimming, rugby, tennis, fishing, chess, or anything that dominates your schedule outside of school, iLearn’s personalized approach to digital learning can help provide greater flexibility and balance.



You don’t have to sacrifice academics for athletics. It is possible to balance a highly involved schedule with routine learning sessions.

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