Online Home Education: Is Online High School Right For You?

High School Online Home Education

How to tell if online courses are right for you

This post is to help secondary students considering taking online courses in 2021 and beyond.

Students take online courses for a variety of reasons. The main reasons are quite simple. Students either need a home-based education. Or, students want some of the benefits that online courses provide.

This is by no means an all-encompassing guide to whether or not online courses are for you, but rather a set of questions you should ask yourself before enrolling yourself in a part-time or full-time program. Every case is as nuanced as each student is unique.

Now with that out of the way, let’s break down some of this first questions you should ask.


Questions to Ask When Considering an Online Home Education

Ability to work independently

Are you confident in your ability to work independently?

Do you have a learning environment that’s quiet and comfortable?

Do you have a computer and internet connection that is reliable?

Are you willing to advocate for yourself?

Students who are confident in their ability to work independently are typically more comfortable with an online home education. Further, a quiet place to work and learn, along with a reliable computer and strong internet connection, will help ensure the learning process is as smooth as possible.


Access to services at your current school

Do you have access to the courses you want to take at your current school?

Do you have to travel large distances to reach your school?

Is your current school overcrowded?

Do you have any concerns with your current school? (health, bullying, social anxiety, classroom speed)

Students who are not comfortable in their current learning environment may find a part-time, or full-time online home education is an attractive alternative. Additionally, some students who have to travel long distances to their school, or do not have access to certain courses at their school, may find online home education is a practical solution.


Flexibility to balance out-of-school activities

Are you highly committed to any sports?

Do you have other activities that often conflict with school hours?

Some students have special situations that can be addressed through a self-paced online approach. The students who require accommodation can include high-performance athletes, expat families or families who travel frequently, and other special cases that need individualized education options.


Partner programs

Are you completing school-like work with a community organization?

Some students even earn credits for involvement in activities through local community programs such as athletic programs and other extracurriculars. You will have to inquire with our team to see if your program applies. This is most prevalent in sports-based programs for PE credits; however, other non-sport programs can be eligible.



Online home education is gaining traction in B.C. What we imagine when we think of “school” is rapidly changing. Are you interested in a part-time or full-time education at iLearn Secondary School? Check out our course catalogue to find courses and check your eligibility to get started.