Online High School Business Courses

High School Business Courses

Are you interested in business?

A background in business can help you get into just about any sector. Business courses in high school are a great way to understand the basics before getting involved. This is especially true if you’re applying to post-secondary programs in business, marketing, entrepreneurship, or economics. But even if you’re not planning to attend college or university, online high school business courses can be a strategic way to pick up some skills before heading into the workforce. Fortunately, if you’re a student in British Columbia, iLearn offers business courses in grade 10, grade 11, and grade 12.


Courses in Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship & Marketing 10

Pre-requisite: None

In grade 10 the best place to start is with Entrepreneurship & Marketing 10. This course explores types of businesses and ownership forms as well as introduces marketing and the impact of governments on business.

Principles of Business Marketing and Finance 11

Pre-requisite: None

Get to know the basics of business through Principles of Business Marketing and Finance 11. In this course you will learn about globalization, free trade, and various economic systems.

Marketing Foundations 11

Get started in marketing by understanding the basics of business management, customer service, and economics. This course will provide a foundation for identifying target markets, performing market research, and developing successful marketing strategies. Along the way you will also learn the role of branding, advertising, promotion, and more.

Marketing 12

Pre-requisite: Marketing Foundations 11

Our Marketing 12 course is great for learning more about marketing terminology and the process of market research, creating marketing plans, and studying international opportunities.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing 12

Pre-requisite: None

Combine entertainment with traditional marketing in Sports and Entertainment Marketing 12 and learn the duties for managing and marketing athletes, sports teams, and famous entertainers.

Entrepreneurship 12

Pre-requisite: None

Discover what is needed to operate a business in Entrepreneurship 12.  From creating a business plan, financing, pricing products, to marketing services. This course is a great introduction to managing employees and navigating legal, political, and social factors.


Courses in Economics

Economics 12

Pre-requisite: None

Learn about different types of banks and how taxes (will) affect you in Economics 12. This course will help you examine credit and teach key financial concepts around taxes, credit, and money management.

AP Macroeconomics

Pre-requisite: Math 10 Foundations & Pre-Calculus

Study how the whole financial system works in AP Macroeconomics. This course explores how the government interacts with individuals through employment, spending, inflation, taxes, and other measures.

*+4 credits earned for Economics 12 when students also complete AP Microeconomics.

AP Microeconomics

Pre-requisite: Math 10 Foundations & Pre-Calculus

Take a dive into how factors can influence a business or business segment in AP Microeconomics. This course teaches how supply and demand, competition, and changes in interest rates affect organizations.

*+4 credits earned for Economics 12 when students also complete AP Macroeconomics


Courses in Business Media & Technology

Web Development 10

Pre-requisite: None

Browsing a website has become something we (almost) all do many, many times every day. In Web Development 10, you will learn about creating content, servers, file organization, HTML, CSS, and Javascript to (one day) build a website of your own.

Digital Media Fundamentals 11

Pre-requisite: None

Get into media production through Digital Media Fundamentals 11. This course will teach about videography fundamentals and provide an opportunity to create digital media complete with graphics, animations, sounds, and videos.

Digital Media Fundamentals 12

Pre-requisite: Digital Media Fundamentals 11

Take what you learned in the prior course to create a website that incorporates video, audio, text, graphics, and interactive animation. In Digital Media Fundamentals 12, you will learn about web design, search engine optimization, and the world of podcasts and audio editing.

Business Computer Applications 12

Pre-requisite: None

Businesses today would be pretty slow without business technologies. In Business Computer Applications 12, you will learn the requirements to start a business, and examine business finances. You will also explore applications in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software, hardware, networks, and web design.


Why Take Business in High School?

If you’re planning on taking business courses in university, testing the subject matter before starting your courses can be immensely helpful. Plus, it will help when applying to your business program.

Are you ready to take your courses online? Check out our course catalogue to find courses that suit you best. Make sure you have the prerequisites you need by checking your eligibility for these courses.