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High School Digital Media Courses

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Would you like to get better at digital media?

Improve your photography skills by learning the ropes in an online class. Practice techniques on your friends and use the photos in your schoolwork. Plus, if you’ve got what it takes to create amazing images, then you might be able to earn an income with your craft.


iLearn’s Photography & Digital Media Courses

Digital Photography 10

Pre-requisite: None

Learn to properly use a camera and its functions. Through taking your own photos, you will learn to effectively use light, colour, and equipment to capture the perfect shot. You will study the use of file formats, lenses, and photography jargon that you would expect as a photographer. You will complete the course with an understanding of how to use photo editing software for both editing and manipulation.


Digital Photography 11

Pre-requisite: Digital Photography 10

Further develop your skills through more tips, tricks, and techniques to step up your game. Learn to use post-processing tools like white balance, tone, and colour setting to help aide your final images. Dive deeper into editing software and explore new styles, themes, genres, and artistic approaches, with a spotlight on photojournalism. In this class you will create a portfolio and have it critiqued.


Digital Photography 12

Pre-requisite: Digital Photography 11

This course will show you what a career as a professional photographer is like and what professional photographers do as part of their jobs. There are many avenues for a professional photographer to take and this course will help you understand your options and help you build a portfolio for your style. Some directions explored in this course include product photographs, stock images, event photography, wedding photos, and photojournalism. You will complete the course knowing more about photo editing software options, as well as the job outlook for photographers.


Courses That Use Photography Skills

Digital Media Fundamentals 11

Pre-requisite: None

For most of us, digital media surrounds us every day. This course will illustrate how the digital media landscape has evolved and the challenges associated with creating and distributing digital media. Gain experience with photo and video projects and study file types to understand resolution, compression, and storage. Create a video storyboard and put your newly learned camera angles, camera movements, and video editing skills to work. You will complete the course knowing videography fundamentals along with an understanding of career opportunities in digital media.


Digital Media Fundamentals 12

Pre-requisite: Digital Media Fundamentals 11

As a follow-up to the prior course, you will create a website that incorporates video, audio, text, graphics, and interactive animation. You will learn how the internet works and how we use it, as well as how we can better create digital media built for the modern age. This course will teach lessons in web design, search engine optimization, podcasts, and audio editing.


Why Take Digital Media in High School?

Photography and digital media courses in high school are a great way to get started learning visual media as early as grade 10. Are you ready to take your courses online? Check your eligibility to get started.

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