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Coding in High School

Programming is becoming a fundamental subject in more schools around the world every day. Ask yourself how many times you interact with a piece of software, and you will be surprised how often you use something that has been programmed.

Before we get into high school programming courses, let’s clear up some tech language. The words ‘coding’ and ‘programming’ are fairly interchangeable words for writing lines of code that perform a function, or series of functions. When multiple lines of code are combined to perform a function, then you have software. Software is the result of programming.

Your alarm clock, microwave, and television all require coding to work. When you realize how many pieces of software there are in your daily life, you will see how a good understanding of software can go a long way.


iLearn’s Coding Courses

Coding 8

Pre-requisite: None

Get started with the basics through Coding 8. No pre-requisites are needed and students can gain hands-on experience with programming languages to create a website. Students will start with basic web design languages HTML and CSS and will then expand to JavaScript and Python. By the end of the course, students will have a better understanding of what coding languages are, and which to use for different applications.

Coding 9

Pre-requisite: Coding 8

Take your skills from Coding 8 and start to use programming to solve problems. Students will learn more intermediate concepts in Python through building an adventure game. Through Coding 8 and Coding 9 you will learn the basics of the internet while building a website with a style guide, buttons, and widgets. You’ll complete the course with a lesson on debugging code.

Web Development 10

Pre-requisite: None

Web development is a useful skill for those who are interested in making websites for a living or for those who may start a business of their own. Considering there are more businesses with a website than without, you can rest assured there are many career opportunities for those who can build and/or maintain websites. In Web Development 10, you will be introduced to servers, file organization, and content while creating a website in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Computer Science 11

Pre-requisite: Math 10 (any)

Computer Science 11 is classified as a math and therefore can satisfy the math 11 requirements for a B.C. Dogwood Diploma. Computer science provides students with a solid foundation of computers and the roles they play in our lives. This course covers the best practices when building a program, while also providing students an opportunity to build hands-on experience with programs that contain many layers and programming languages.

Programming 11

Pre-requisite: None

Dive deep into the language and life of a programmer. This course will help you understand what roles there are for programmers and how the different roles work together. You will learn how a team uses a problem-based approach to craft a solution complete with data, algorithms, and object-oriented programming practices.

Programming 12

Pre-requisite: Programming 11

Taking your skills built in the pre-requisite Programing 11, you’ll expand your knowledge through the creation of an app. You will start with a design and create a plan to build an app that addresses a problem. Through the stages of planning to development, you will learn how various components work together within your own project. By the end of the course, you’ll have learned about software creation, how the modern computer works, and how privacy and security laws affect the programming process.


Course Related to Coding

Computer Studies 10

Pre-requisite: None

Though slightly off-topic from coding, many students will agree that understanding how your computer works is quite useful for programmers. This course will introduce you to computer programs, computer hardware, and how devices store data and communicate information. Computer Studies 10 also provides an introduction to word processing, spreadsheets, and database programs.

Computer & Information Systems 11

Pre-requisite: Computer Studies 10

This course will further your understanding of how data is used and processed through lessons on web design and the creation of graphics. This course will cover standard communication technologies, such as email, and the promises of emerging technologies, such as 5G.


Why Take Programming in High School?

Coding/programming courses in high school are a great way to complement just about any career path. Considering you can start as early as grade 8, or get a later start in grades 10, 11, or 12, learning coding concepts from a young age will help shape how you see the technology you will use years later.

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