Blended Online Learning in B.C. (Distance Learning)

Blended Online Learning – The Benefits of a Mixed In-Person/Distance Learning Approach

Everyone has a different learning style. At iLearn, we are a high school in British Columbia that offers a blended learning and a digital learning (distributed / distance learning) program. Students can choose between structure and freedom. Both programs are currently delivered online.

Both programs are similar in that you need to check in with your teacher regularly and set your own pace. Digital learning (or distance learning) is for students who are confident in their pace and are comfortable completing lessons independently.

Blended learning is for students who like more support, structure, and/or socialization. Joining a scheduled group class is helpful for some to maintain their set pace. Both programs have an online curriculum and a B.C. certified teacher assigned for every course.

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have suspended our in-person classes and now conduct online group classes for blended learning students.


Digital Learning (Distance Learning)

In digital or distance learning (DL), students set their own pace at the beginning and when a student needs help, they can contact their teacher and schedule an in-person, virtual, or phone call meeting. Digital learning allows far more freedom so students can choose where and when they want to complete coursework.


Blended Learning

The Blended Learning program is an in-person program where students have access to an online curriculum and attend a physical classroom in Surrey, B.C. However, in recent light of the coronavirus pandemic, the in-person blended learning component has been migrated to a virtual group class.

Students in the blended program access and hand-in coursework online while attending two classes each week. Blended Learning is for students who may want more support and/or value the structure and socialization embedded into their schedule. Although students have set class hours, the student can also access their teacher in office hours or by special request.



Some students enjoy having structure, while others prefer to work independently. It’s up to you to decide which is right for you. Both programs have a 100% online curriculum that is available 24/7 with a teacher to support you along your education journey.

And hey, if the program you pick is really not working out, you can always change programs.