Online Classes: A Beginners Guide

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How to Register, Start, and Succeed in iLearn Online Courses

So, you’ve decided to take online courses at iLearn. Where do you begin?

We recommend that you search through our course catalogue and highlight the courses you’re most interested in taking.

From there, you fill out our eligibility form allowing us to confirm you have the prerequisites required to enroll into your selected course(s). If you’re registering for our full-time program, you will meet with a staff member to pick courses and create an SLP (student learning plan).

Once your eligibility is confirmed, our admin team will guide you through the application process and schedule an orientation session for you with your teacher.


Start Your Online Course

Here is where your education journey begins. You now have the opportunity to take control of your education by setting goals and a schedule that fits your needs.

  • Access all your curriculum and submit assignments 100% online.
  • Set your goals and adjust your pace as needed.
  • Meet with your teacher as often, or as little as you need.
  • Write tests when you are ready by scheduling a proctored test slot.
  • Retake tests and try to improve your grade.
  • Meet with staff members for course support, career advice, or just to chat.

When life takes a turn or something unexpected occurs, do not fear! We have flexible policies to help keep your education plan on track.

Holds or transfers

A student can place a course on hold for up to two months or transfer to another program for (almost) any reason. If you choose to put a course on hold or transfer to another program, a fee is required ($25 per course hold; $50 to transfer).

Learning from anywhere

All your coursework can be completed online. And, while coronavirus adaptations are still in place, you can take exams online with an invigilator on standby.

Meeting your teacher

Every course has an attendance/participation component that requires weekly communication with your teacher to achieve. Most students send emails to check-in while others use a mix of emails, office hour visits, and 1-on-1 requested drop ins. Your teacher is always available to support you, no matter how you choose to connect.


Tests are scheduled when you are ready. Head to your teacher’s test signup link and select a test time slot that works best for you. Did you perform poorly on a test? Try retaking it!


When you retake a test, we take the average grade from your tests. So, in order to increase your grade, you must do better on your second attempt.

Setting your pace

At the beginning of each course, you will set your pace with your teacher. Although you can set your pace, you must complete your course(s) within 4 months (5 months for AP courses). If you ever feel you set the pace too fast or too slow, you can adjust your pace when you check-in with your teacher.

Falling behind

When you fall behind at iLearn, we offer a few opportunities to catch up. However, if you’re regularly receiving zeros on assignments, moving too slowly, caught cheating, or have a 25% or greater discrepancy between test marks and assignments, the student’s parents/guardians may receive an iAlert for that month.


Final Thoughts

Be accountable. Set realistic goals. Communicate closely and often with your teacher. Be open and transparent about outside factors influencing your schoolwork and allow your teacher to support you in your journey. If you can keep these things in mind, you’re ready to get started!