Reimagining the Future of Education

Innovating into the 2021 / 2022 School Year – 

Innovation is in our school’s DNA. And over the past few years especially, our school has undergone a tremendous amount of change. We’ve made changes in every department. From making systems operate better internally, to providing a better experience for our students, we’re improving the way our school operates top to bottom.

Our Progress

Our digital transformation first began with our logo, website, and course enhancements.


Then, we rebranded from our old logo and identity to what you see now.


At the same time, we also updated to a modern new design for our website.


Once those components were implemented, we wanted to improve the student experience. We started this by introducing dozens of new courses that students can take at any time. We now have over 150 courses!


We wanted a slick way announce the release of our new courses so we created the iLearn course catalogue. The iLearn Course Catalogue provides an introduction to our school and all our courses.


Having all new courses offered on an old looking course website wasn’t working for us so we continued to enhance the student experience by updating our course website. The new look provides students with easier access to main tabs and easier navigation through course content and looks far more stylish.


At the same time as the course website upgrade, we added a new feature that helps students set deadlines and keep better track of course progress. The self-pacing tool prompts students to set a desired end date for each course and the tool recommends due dates that, if completed on time, allow a student to finish a course within a desired timeframe.


Along the way, we added tools and features to help make it easier for students to connect with their teachers and schedule major course events such as tests.


When you sign-up, we’ve introduced new systems that help us understand your unique education needs while providing us the information we need to check your eligibility and get you started in your course as quickly as possible.


To allow teachers to get to know their students better, we created a questionnaire and edited a series of videos that help students get up to speed. This way your teacher can spend more time getting to know you during the course orientation.


To help make school forms and other resources more accessible, we introduced our Student Resources page. The Student Resources page contains helpful links to forms and videos that students may need along their journey.


We wanted to recognize our top performing students, so we also decided to add the iLearn Honour Roll. If you’re curious to know what it takes to make it on the honour roll, check out this post. You can also find prior month’s honour roll lists posted here.


Both attending and working at iLearn looks much different now than it did only a couple years ago. Our focus on constant improvement has allowed our team to work smarter. This means we can spend more time delivering education and making the student experience as positive as possible.


Innovating Into The 2021/2022 School Year And Beyond

If there is anything the past couple school years have taught us, it’s that our team has an amazing ability to adapt. Continuing our quest for progress, the 2021/2022 school year and beyond will bring further enhancements to the student experience. New online tools, easier ways to connect, and improvements to course content are all coming soon.

Are you looking for a B.C. online school that values innovation? Check Your Eligibility to get started in our online courses.