How To Make It On The iLearn Honour Roll

Honour Roll requirements at iLearn

Honour Roll At iLearn

Students with exceptional grades or who otherwise show exemplary effort are being recognized on iLearn’s Honour Roll.


What Is The Honour Roll?

The honour roll is to recognize students who have achieved a strong grade or placed a considerable amount of effort into their course(s). To be eligible for the honour roll, a student needs to either improve or maintain a strong course grade or significantly improve work ethic. You cannot make it on the Honour Roll if you are receiving an iReport in another iLearn class.

Please be aware your name may not be displayed if you have not agreed to your name being published on the iLearn website (as indicated on your application package). We may contact you to see if you’d like to be on the list if you did not agree to the release form.


How Do I Make It On The iLearn Honour Roll?

The honour roll at iLearn goes further than achieving good grades. If you do not have excellent grades but you still made it on the honour roll, it’s because your teacher(s) would like to recognize your efforts in your course(s). You have either turned in a lot of (good) work, went over and above expectations for the past assignment(s) or units, or otherwise have significantly improved your standing in the course.

Requirements to be eligible for the honour roll for academic performance:

  • Be a student at iLearn Secondary School
  • Have a strong grade in all or most of your courses
  • Complete three tests (or units) at minimum
  • Agree to the release form in the application package saying we can publish your name online.

Other ways you can make it on the honour roll:

  • Be recognized by your teacher and/or the vice-principal
  • Show considerable effort in coursework for things such as
    • Catching up
    • Getting ahead
    • Spending extra time on assignments
    • Showing exemplary understanding of topics
    • Overcoming a barrier that was inhibiting success.


What Is The Big Deal About Being On The Honour Roll?

The honour roll is a great way to provide students an accolade for their success in school. Since these posts can be found on our website, students can reference their accomplishment when applying for jobs or universities. Is your name on one of the lists? Feel free to link to the post to prove your accomplishment to others!

If you would like to be on the list but you are not currently enrolled in a course at iLearn, you can check your eligibility to earn your way to the honour roll in no time.