iLearn Course Catalogue for 2020-2021

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Download the iLearn Course Catalogue for 2020-2021.

“At iLearn, we believe in giving you choice. You can choose when to start school and when to complete your classwork, giving you the flexibility to focus on other priorities. You can choose the purpose of your education, whether it’s to upgrade, graduate early, get job training, or prepare for your university application. And you choose the style of learning that suits your needs, be it online for the self-driven learner, or a combination of online and in-person for those who need more structure. ” (Continued in Course Catalogue).

The catalogue then continues to explain who we teach, how our courses are offered, and what makes us unique. To help students navigate through high school, we have included the graduation requirements and a description about each of our 130+ course options including elective topics like Game Design, Public Speaking, Coding, Business, Photography, Psychology, Design, and more.