Finish BC High School As An Adult

differences between adult dogwood and dogwood diploma

Finish High School From Home

Completing your high school education can be an excellent goal no matter your age. It does not matter if you have completed some high school courses before, or you are new to Canadian education entirely, adult learners of all types can complete a secondary education at iLearn. When choosing an adult secondary program in British Columbia, there are two options: the Dogwood Diploma, and the Adult Graduation Diploma (BC’s ged).


Adult Program Options

Whether you need to retake a course, improve your grade, finish off some final classes to earn some last credits, or you need to complete a whole program, we can help. If you complete one or more courses, you will either earn credits towards a traditional Dogwood Diploma, or an Adult Dogwood depending on your goals. You may be required to meet with an academic advisor to make sure your program choice meets your education needs.


The Dogwood Diploma

If you were only a few credits shy of graduation before turning 19, then we recommend you try to complete a regular diploma (“Dogwood Diploma”). This is the typical diploma earned by school-age students in B.C. The Dogwood Diploma is awarded after completing all required courses and credits from grades 10-12.


The Adult Dogwood (BC’s GED)

The adult high school diploma, also known as British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma or “Adult Dogwood” is BC’s GED program only available to non-graduated students 18 or older. The Adult Dogwood is awarded after completing only five select courses. Of which, up to two could have been completed in the past. Find more information on the Adult Dogwood and the Dogwood Diploma.


Why Take Adult Courses Online?

Completing your education online is now easier than ever. With online curriculum and self-paced classes, you choose when class starts and ends.

Self-paced courses online are great for adult students with a busy schedule. Whether you have 20-minutes a day or 2-hours, you can meet your education goals without ever having to meet your teacher in-person. Your curriculum is online, your tests are taken online, and your teacher will connect with you online. Everything can be done from home using your computer.


What Makes The Adult Dogwood Special?

Adults live busy lives and need a flexible approach to learning. Since the Adult Dogwood is completed after five courses and is only available to students 18 or older, the program is manageable for many who may not need, or may not be interested in a traditional diploma. With the iLearn approach, adult students can start when they are ready, take lessons when they are available, and proceed at a pace that is comfortable.


Can My Credits Transfer from Other Schools?

Credits transfers are only available for students enrolled in the Dogwood Diploma program. All credits counted towards the Adult Dogwood must be credits earned in BC. If you have eligible BC grade 11 or 12 credits, only two of the five required courses can be applied to the Adult Dogwood program.


How Do I Get Started?

Adults can start by checking eligibility. Once the form is completed, you may be asked to join a meeting with an academic advisor. Still have questions? Head to our Adult Education page for more information for adult learners.