Finish High School with the Adult Dogwood Diploma

Describe the Adult Dogwood Diploma in BC

Students who are 18 years of age or older have the choice of pursuing graduation through a Dogwood Diploma or an Adult Dogwood Diploma.

Requirements for the Adult Dogwood

Adult learner credits can be earned from a B.C. high school or as part of post-secondary institution program (Adult Basic Education). Graduates of the Adult Dogwood must have course credits for at least five courses. Up to two of those courses can be satisfied before entering the adult graduation program if the student completed any qualifying courses while a school-age student.

Required Adult Dogwood Credits:

  • Language Arts 12 course (4 credits);
  • Math 11 or 12 course (4 credits); and
  • Three or more Grade 12 electives, or a Grade 11 Social Studies and two additional Grade 12 electives (4 credits each)

Courses and credits from the B.C. secondary and post-secondary systems can be considered for the adult diploma as long as they meet the equivalency requirements. Adult learners with current or past work experience may also be eligible for school credits.


Adult Dogwood Versus Regular Dogwood

The Adult Dogwood differs from the traditional Dogwood diploma in that it requires fewer credits. If you were close to completing your high school before you turned 19, then we recommend you try to complete a regular diploma by picking up the few courses you need to graduate. For adult learners who are new to Canada or who did not complete Grade 11, then the adult diploma may be a better choice. The Adult Dogwood is not equivalent to the regular Dogwood. Make sure you choose the diploma needed to keep you on track for your post-secondary and/or career goals.


Who Should Get An Adult Dogwood?

Workers upgrading or changing careers

A high school diploma is an application requirement for the vast majority of jobs in British Columbia. Adults currently employed or seeking employment may require a high school diploma or adult diploma to move up in a company or to be eligible for a position.

New immigrants

Adults who are new to Canada can benefit greatly from earning a local diploma. An adult diploma is an excellent way to prove your understanding of English (or French) in a local context. If you’re not ready for Grade 12 English, check out our ELL Courses to help get you caught up.