School Info:


Local Student Tuition 

Local students are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents in B.C. and are school-age (up to 19).

$500 Per Course 

$1000 Per Year (up to four courses completed within 365 days)

$1500 Per Year (up to eight courses completed within 365 days)

$750 Per AP Course 


International Student Tuition

International students are school-age students who have a Student VISA that permits them to take courses in B.C.

$1000 Per Course

$1500 Per AP Course 


Adult Student Tuition

Adult students are students who are 19 or older and will either be graduated, or non-graduated. Non-graduated students can choose to pursue a Dogwood diploma or an Adult Dogwood.

Non-Graduated Adult

$300 Registration fee 

$100 Assessment fee may apply 


Graduated Adults & International Adults

$1000 Per Course

$1500 Per AP Course 


Other Fees & School Policies

Please see the iLearn Policies for more information on deposits, fees, and other school policies.