Is Online School Right For You? (Part 2)

Is Online School Right For You: The Pros and Cons Of Online Education (Part 2)

Learning online is quickly becoming the norm and many are experiencing the benefits that an independent learning style can bring. That said, not all are feeling comfortable with their learn-from-home situation. This article is intended to help high school students understand if they’re a good candidate to register at an online school.



Flexibility is key for many of our students who juggle outside activities. When studying online, you can wake up when you want, work on schoolwork at any time, and change the pace as you go.


  • Anytime enrollment
  • Get ahead/go faster
  • Learn at any time
  • Slow down on difficult concepts
  • Place a course on hold (pause deadlines)


  • No traditional classroom routines



Learning online can be harder if you’re not confident learning independently. Less structure means you must have self discipline about setting your own “school time” and breaks. For the students who take it seriously, they’re building strong time management skills and work habits. For the students who do not take it seriously, it can be difficult to try to complete a course that has been ignored for months.

Being independent at iLearn means you take initiative with your learning and look for your own answers and contact your teacher for clarification when necessary. If you are confident in your ability to find information online, you should be capable of managing an online class.


  • Good preparation for university
  • Learn faster using a format best suited to you


  • Students who have trouble focusing on their own could struggle



Schools have been taught the same information for generations. With an online school, you can access more elective options; travel and keep up with your schoolwork; or place your course on hold when life gets too busy.

Your courses are structured around your interests and schedule, rather than which courses are being offered that semester. This makes it easier to focus on other interests while also going to school. This provides the flexibility to use the world as a classroom and get course credit for extracurricular activities you would participate in normally.


  • Can place courses on hold for travel or special situations
  • More course options
  • Structured around you
  • Provides space for other interests


  • Some students underestimate online courses and try to do too many outside activities


Teacher Support

When learning online, your teacher is not teaching in front of you. This means it’s up to you to book one-on-one time with your teacher and schedule your time accordingly.

In an online school, students can receive more in-depth support that goes beyond the comprehension of just one question or assignment. Students can access their teacher outside of regular class hours. If students record where in the curriculum they struggled, they can book an appointment with their teacher to clarify any confusion.


  • More 1-on-1 time
  • Do not have to leave home to meet
  • Personalized support


  • Have to take ownership in your schedule