iLearn in the Muslim Community

Earn A High School Diploma Studying Islam

Regardless of sex, religion, or personal background, we strive to make sure every student feels welcome and safe learning and sharing their perspective with those around them.

When we learned there were no high schools that incorporated Islamic teachings into their high school curriculum, we realized there are students who do not finish their B.C. high school education due to religious goals conflicting with school schedules.

No student should have to choose between a religious education and a high school diploma. It is entirely possible to offer an education that blends religious and secular education within the B.C. high school system.

B.C.’s Only Grade 8-12 Islamic School Program

There are plenty of high schools that offer a curriculum that incorporates religious texts, yet in B.C., the Muslim community is severely underrepresented for religious education options in grades 8-12. The community is so underrepresented that iLearn is the only accredited school to offer Islamic School courses for B.C. high school students.

That’s what inspired us to launch our Islamic School in 2012.

iLearn’s Islamic Program and Community Support

The Islamic School within iLearn allows students to study the Qur’an, the history of Islam, and many other topics. The program allows a student to learn more about Islamic history and beliefs while earning credits towards a high school education. Students are capable of taking courses within our Islamic school at every high school grade level from grade 8 to grade 12.

Since we began the Islamic School program, our students have participated in our local and international Muslim community.

For instance, iLearn students raised $10,000 for the displaced Rohingya refugees in 2017 and made special mention to the achievement at the school’s graduation ceremony. This event provided space for a series of presenters to explain their perspective on what it means to be a Muslim in Canada. You can read more about the fundraiser here.

Supporting Women and Girls’ Education in the Muslim Community

iLearn staff also participated in a Global Girl Power event in 2015 to help empower women in the Muslim community, and women everywhere. Principal Saima Naz participated to help empower women and girls to achieve their goals. iLearn is proud to support and mentor students who take leadership roles within their lives and add value back to their community. You can learn more about our participation with Global Girl Power in a video published here.

We’re always looking for ways to support students and our community in ways that allow for freedom of choice and empowerment to students. There is a clear need in the Muslim community that iLearn is proud to fill. A high school education is important for many opportunities in Canada and we provide students the freedom to earn a high school diploma while staying true to their personal goals.

Our online curriculum and schedule flexibility allow students to be educated in both a secular and religious context from anywhere across the province. Want to learn more about what the Islamic School program is like at iLearn? Head to our Islamic School page.

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