Marketing Co-ordinator

**Note: this job is funded by Canada Summer Jobs under the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy. Applicants must be 15-30 years of age before the time of employment and be a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident.**

About Our School:

iLearn Secondary School is a Grade 8-12 high school. All our courses are offered through a distributed learning method, which means our courses are delivered online, and students (usually) complete tests and quizzes on campus or at an approved testing location. We break the barriers on what people perceive as high school education. Instead of students’ lives revolving around school, we make school flexible so students’ school requirements can revolve around them.

Job Description:

You will be working with our marketing team on a number of tasks and projects. The ideal candidate will either have broad experience in many areas, or deep specific knowledge in a few of the following topics. We do not expect you to be knowledgeable in all areas but we do expect you to demonstrate experience in some select departments.

Creating procedures and automations

You can think in systems and develop a systematic approach to solving problems. Maybe this means streamlining our tech using APIs and Zapier, or thinking through student interactions and identifying opportunities to improve the experience. Either way, you can demonstrate you’re a systems thinker.

Email marketing and self executing campaigns

We’re setting up email campaigns and we could use help setting up targeted and automated campaigns for parents and students.

Analytics reporting

Ever worked with Facebook Ads or Google Analytics data? If so, we could use assistance monitoring results, and reporting on trends.

Web development and UX

You can either build webpages on WordPress or are familiar with landing pages using 3rd party tools. Even if you do not have much experience building the sites, any experience working with webpages updating/cropping imagery or testing new copywriting will be evaluated.

Research and data collection

You’re happy working independently. Looking up information and collecting it neatly in a shared spreadsheet is something you can do well, and efficiently. Bonus points if you know how to format nicely and can use excel for deeper data analysis.

Market research

Maybe you’ve picked up some procedures from school or have done market research for a firm in the past, if you’re competent in this field, we can use those skills.

Content link building

Reaching out to other content creators and building relationships to link to each other’s content.

Copywriting – press releases, blogs, etc.

You can write SEO-friendly blogs and social media posts targeted at students and their parents.

Digital marketing experience in FB, IG, LI, Reddit, & other platforms

You’re familiar with any major social platform and have ran, or have been part of running an advertising campaign exceeding $1000. Please provide further information about the experience and the success of the campaign.

Video creation and/or editing

You are not shy behind the camera and have some experience creating video content. OR, if you are not comfortable behind the camera, you can take existing footage and edit it into something new targeted at parents and students.

Design – social media and blog images

Ever use Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator? How about Canva? If so, please mention your relevant experience and if available, please point us to some designs you have created.


Duties of the Marketing Coordinator include:

  • Working with the Marketing Specialist to plan a 4-month content strategy
  • Performing keyword research for our content efforts
  • Writing and supporting our team for blog drafts
  • Updating old content with new information and improvements
  • Helping with landing pages to split test ads
  • Building partnerships with other content creators for link building and guest posts
  • Helping track SEO and advertising changes to prove efforts are working


Requirements of the role:

  • Demonstrable experience
  • Knowledge of website analytics
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to think in an innovative and creative way
  • Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills


Education and Experience:

  • Degree or partial degree in Marketing, Communications, or Business is preferred but not required
  • Experience writing content for an online audience
  • A portfolio of some kind is always appreciated


Starting Wage:

$14.60 – $18 per hour, based on experience.


Job Type:


Full-time hours: 30-40 per week

Work remotely:

  • Work from home temporarily due to COVID-19


How to Apply

To apply please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected].